Waterfront Property BC Interior Design Options

When it comes to lakefront real estate, BC buyers often think first about their new home’s location and what the residential community has to offer in the way of amenities and facilities. But what about the interior of the home? Sure, you’ll be spending lots of time outdoors enjoying activities on the lake, but sooner or later you’ll retreat inside. When it comes to waterfront property BC, interior design details are just as important as other considerations.

The Variety of Waterfront Homes BC

The good news (or the bad, if you have a hard time making choices) is that when it comes to lakefront real estate, BC offers a wide variety of home styles. While most of them are single storey, you will find that many lakeview houses for sale are available with diverse floor plans featuring everything from a handful of airy bedrooms and baths to a cosy loft above the living area perfect for reading a book while watching the moon gleam off the water at night.

If you’ve got a big family, you’ll need additional rooms and a more spacious floor plan to ensure everyone has their own space. Don’t forget that the square footage isn’t all about the interior – waterfront homes in BC are so often used for outdoor living that patios and decks could be considered part of the floor plan, too.

Waterfront Property BC Interior
Design Options

Of course the fun part after your waterfront for sale BC search is getting into your new home and decorating it. While it may seem a “no-brainer” to opt for a nautical or marine theme, you may want to stretch the bounds of your creativity a bit. Many owners of waterfront homes BC prefer cool colors and sleek lines such as you might find with a modern style of furnishings but there’s no reason you can’t opt for warm hues and bring in a few antique or country pieces to make the space cosier.

One piece of advice as you begin your search for waterfront for sale: BC designers often stage homes with beautiful design elements that aren’t practical for real families. Don’t be taken in by trendy design and expect your home to look like that after you’ve moved in. The idea is to have a comfortable space the entire family will enjoy so durable upholstery and easy-clean tile flooring are best bets. 

Are you ready to search through the numerous lakeview houses for sale and find one that is exactly right for you and your family? Think about the design options available both in and out in order to find a property everyone can enjoy. If you want to live in the BC interior and benefit from the waterfront, you’ve got lots of choices!