Waterfront Properties in BC, Arrow Lakes Information
and Ferry Service

Arrow Lakes

The Arrow Lakes are a widened portion of the Columbia River, which flows north for over 300 km before hooking west and south to begin its long journey, more than 400 km, to the US border.

For nearly half this length it widens to form the Upper and Lower Arrow Lakes, vast reservoirs of water that moderate winter temperatures and help retain moisture in the local atmosphere, thus greatly influencing the types of vegetation found there.  The mountains loom large, the scenery is magnificent, and the environment is very lush.


Arrow Lakes are home to tranquil valleys that are remote and sparsely populated. This was not always the case. In the late 1800s prospectors flocked here from all over North America in search of rich mining claims. The mining legacy is evident all over the region in charming small towns and villages that are built in the valleys of the Selkirk mountain range.

Galena Bay

While the ferry technically docks at Galena Bay, the ferry in fact is several kilometers South of the Galena Shores development

The water at Galena Bay, during hot days is similar to Shuswap. The water sits in the bay and is rapidly warmed by the sun, making it very pleasant to swim in. 

Ferry Service

Go south on Highway 23 from Revelstoke.  Thirty minutes later you will arrive at the Shelter Bay ferry terminal on Arrow Lakes.  The inland ferries operate under private contract with the BC Ministry of Transportation.

The ferry is free and leaves on the hour from Shelter Bay (going to Galena Shores) and on the half hour from Galena Bay (returning to Shelter Bay). For a detailed ferry schedule for Shelter Bay - Galena Bay click here.  Generally speaking there are no wait times during non prime times. However, ferry line ups during summer months especially on long weekends are common. The ferries are part of the heritage of Arrow Lakes. Remember when you are on the ferry you are on vacation!