We would ask if you are considering a major purchase such as a waterfront or lake view property that you do your homework and compare:

  • Arrow Lakes vs Koocanusa
  • Quality of waterfront lots
  • Size of Lots at Galena Shores vs Sweetwater
  • Prices of waterfront and view lots
  • Feel of the development, urban or park
  • Drive time from the North and West side of Calgary to Arrow Lakes vs Koocanusa
  • Amenities. I will make this one easy for you. Sweetwater does promise far more amentities than Galena Shores. However, all of Galena Shores amenities are in. That is landscaping, roads, power, septic, water, high speed internet, telephone, garage/washroom. And yes, you can have your own waterfront dock! The Galena Shores development is totally done.  

If you are looking for peace, quiet, beauty and a lake investment that will be multi-generational, we believe you will choose Galena Shores.  We look forward to hearing the results of your homework.