BETTER THAN MABEL LAKE - Galena Shores Deals

Mabel Lake, if you can stand the 7 hour drive from Calgary AND if you can afford it is great! However, 100', 1 acre of flat sandy beachfront is $500,000 and up WITHOUT a house. Prices of $1 million and more are common place. If you want peace and quiet and MORE beautiful surroundings than Mabel Lake, check out Arrow Lakes.

  • A lake many times the size.  That is right you can put Mabel Lake into Arrow Lakes about 10 times!
  • More beautiful surroundings.  Mabel Lake is characterized by low mountains that surround the lake.  Arrow Lakes are characterized by beautiful green mountains topped by glaciers perfectly reflected in the mirror smooth water.
  • There are only 3,000 people in the Arrow Lakes valley.  Mabel while not as busy as the Okanagan is still far busier than Arrow Lakes. If you want peace, quiet and beauty Arrow Lakes are a far better bet.  

If you are looking for a big beautiful BC lake that is closer to Calgary, please come visit us at Galena Shores.  You will be gald you did!