Living on BC Waterfront Real Estate, Learn About the Lifestyle and Area of Galena Shores

British Columbia Resort Lifestyle

Galena Shores is for people who have the time to enjoy life.  While you can be standing on your Galena Shores property within 5 hours from Calgary, it is more realistic to say 5.5 hours.  From Kelowna it would be 3.5 hours.

Your Galena Shores Neighbors

There are no mini golf businesses, go carts, or amusement parks in close proximity.  However, there is a Kokanee spawning channel within one kilometer of the property.  Deer, moose, caribou, and elk frequent the dense forest that is characteristic of Galena Bay.  Arrow Lakes has not been exploited the way other lakes have been.  It has a thriving wildlife population and is very remote from urban life.

Our Idea of a Party

Galena Shores is a place to kick back, relax, and enjoy nature at its very finest.  Come here to unwind and restore your energy and soul.  You can party but it is likely to be a bonfire on the beach, cooking fresh caught Kokanee or Gerrard trout, listening to the sounds of loons, while you watch the summers alpen glow on the towering peaks that surround Galena Bay with close friends and family.

Discover Galena Shores

History tells the story of a beautiful lake that lies South of Revelstoke, like a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow.  Once the centre of trade and commerce for loggers, miners, prospectors, and gathering grounds for ancient Indians, the story of Galena Shores turns like the paddle wheelers that once plied its waters. Now history prepares to be re-written, and you are the protagonist.

Your story starts on the shores of Upper Arrow Lake at Shelter Bay, where you are picked up by a BC Ferry. Cool lake mist tickles your skin as the friendly crew whisks you across 20 minutes of stunning Arrow Lakes crystal clear water to Galena Bay. What will your story be? Build your unique retreat, hike the Valhallas, boat the 600 kilometers of the Arrow Lakes, ski 5,600' (1,700m) of vertical of 3' (1m) deep powder off a lift line, or simply gaze at the reflection of the glaciers in Galena Bay.