Better Than Koocanusa - Galena Shores Deals

If you live on the South side of Calgary or in the Cranbrook area, then Koocanusa is an attractive choice, since it is close. However, if you live North or West of Calgary, there is really no comparison between Koocanusa and Arrow Lakes.  Here are some of the statistics.

  • Upper Arrow Lake is 950' deep.  Koocanusa on the Canadian side of the border is 40' deep.
  • Koocanusa is a river that was dammed by the Libby Dam in the USA. This creates the lake in the summer but the lake virtually disappears on the Canadian side during the non-summer months.  Arrow Lakes (Upper and Lower Arrow Lake) are natural lakes that were raised by 75' (from 575' and 875' to 650' and 950' respectively) in 1972 from the construction of the Hugh Keenleyside dam at Castlegar. Arrow Lakes are lakes.
  • Arrow Lakes are surrounded by the Monashees, Selkirks, and Valhallas stunning Rocky mountains that soar to over 9,000'. Koocanusa does have the Rocky Mountains but they are a fraction of the size.  Picture Arrow Lakes with mirror smooth water, green mountains, topped by snowcapped glaciers.
  • Koocanusa attracts large numbers of local residents from Sparwood, Cranbrook, etc. during the summer.  The lake can get quite busy, especially towards the north end.  The picture below was taken at Galena Bay (Upper Arrow Lake) on the July 1st long weekend.  Count the boats!
  • The water in Koocanusa is warm since it is so shallow.  It also has a lot of sandy areas some of which are a real problem with navigation.  Arrow Lakes are known as cold lakes.  However, in Galena Bay where Galena Shores is it is only 110' deep.  The water is from 75-80F on warm days and even warmer on the North end of the bay where it is often 84F since it is even shallower there than in front of Galena Shores.

If you want year round beauty, a real lake, peace and quiet, then Galena Shores and Arrow Lakes are the clear winner.