Resales Available

There are a number of resale lots available from investors in Galena Shores.  Please fill in the contact form on the right and we will get right back to you!.  

Linwood Carling

 Linwood Carling on your Waterfront Lot!

See yourself looking South from Galena Shores down Arrow Lakes.  All the while, hearing the cry of loons, splashing trout, and breathing the clean air that calms, relaxes and restores your soul.   


Linwood Logan on Your View Lot

Imagine yourself looking around your new home at Galena Shores; mountains on 3 sides and Arrow Lakes just a short walk to the boat launch.  Galena Shores is great in the summer, but get ready for big snow in the winter.  People come from all over the globe to heli ski and snowmobile in the Columbia Valley.  Welcome to big powder.