BC Waterfront Property on the Kootenay Waterfront Is a Great Investment

It used to be that real estate was the closest thing to a sure bet, but in today’s volatile economic climate, even the real estate markets seem unpredictable.

How do you make sure your investment is safe when looking at lake shore property for sale?

You invest in property that looks and feels like Shuswap property from Galena Shores.

Revelstoke homes hold their value better than in most markets because BC waterfront property is always in demand. Revelstoke is on the mighty Columbia River system.  When we offer lake waterfront homes for sale, we’re offering something really special.

Kootenay waterfront properties are hard to find, set as they are amidst spectacular mountains and natural beauty where few people travel. That alone ensures that your real estate investment holds its value.

But on top of that, our development has something unique that sets it apart from other vacation home developments – first class amenities. At Galena Shores, the services, the waterfront access, and the community meeting spaces will make you forget you’re not in the ‘civilized’ world.

No other development combines resort level amenities with remote B.C. mountain life.  This is your opportunity to enter a more secure market, and own a rare piece of the Rockies.

Don’t miss out!